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I'm a philosopher currently based at Anatolia College/ACT in Thessaloniki. I did my doctorate at the University of Oxford, UK, on the topic of human enhancement and the so-called objection from authenticity. I am interested in figuring out, through the use of reason, how we can make the world a better place, if necessary challenging some received ideas in the process. This blog offers my (fresh?) perspective on a number of topics that I regard as significant, as well as the occasional fun trivia. Constructive comments welcome.

Enhancement and the self (in French and German)

I have a short piece (in French) in dialogue with Stefan Sorgner on enhancement and the “self”, in the current issue of the magazine Horizons, published by the Swiss National Science Foundation: you can read the whole issue here. (There’s also a … Continue reading

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Jeff McMahan and John Broome discuss the value of life and the evil of death

Jeff McMahan and John Broome recently met in Oxford to debate the value of life and the badness of death. My summary of that debate is available here.

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In vitro meat, new technologies, and the “yuck” factor

“In vitro meat” is gradually becoming a reality. It holds great promise, notably considering that billons of animals are slaughtered for food every year, often after spending miserable lives in factory farms, and that the current production of meat contributes significantly to … Continue reading

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Martin Dresler on behavioral neuroenhancement

Yesterday I attended an interesting talk by Dr. Martin Dresler from the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich, who came to Oxford (at the seminar organized by the Oxford Martin School) to speak on the topic “Behavioral Neuroenhancement: Brain … Continue reading

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The ethics of euthanasia

Tom Ash has got a rich and rigorous entry on the topic on the openDemocracy blog:

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What is my “true self”?

Joshua Knobe has got a very interesting piece in the New York Times in which he discusses the ideas of authenticity and the “true self” and their normative implications. The starting point of his reflection is the case of evangelical … Continue reading

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Should we be able to know how long we have to live?

A new test, soon to become available to the general public in the UK, can tell people how fast they are aging, thereby allowing them to estimate their life expectancy.  The test, which should be available for €500 (£435), is … Continue reading

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