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In vitro meat, new technologies, and the “yuck” factor

“In vitro meat” is gradually becoming a reality. It holds great promise, notably considering that billons of animals are slaughtered for food every year, often after spending miserable lives in factory farms, and that the current production of meat contributes significantly to … Continue reading

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The ethics of euthanasia

Tom Ash has got a rich and rigorous entry on the topic on the openDemocracy blog:

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Should we be able to know how long we have to live?

A new test, soon to become available to the general public in the UK, can tell people how fast they are aging, thereby allowing them to estimate their life expectancy.  The test, which should be available for €500 (£435), is … Continue reading

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Suicide for sale in Oregon: a “valuable service”?

Oregon is currently the scene of a controversy about the sale of so-called “suicide kits” or “helium hoods” (see here and here). These kits are sold by mail by a two-person company called The Gladd Group; one of its owners is reported to … Continue reading

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